Company Profile

Established in 1974, Earthing WA has grown to become one of the leading earth drilling companies across Western Australia. We strive to provide high-quality drilling services for small and large entities. With 3 drilling rigs, a skilled staff complement with comprehensive knowledge of drilling terrains, techniques and equipment, we ensure that your project will be completed flawlessly and efficiently.

To provide an impeccable service to clients, we aim to;

  • Be a leader in the drilling industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
  • Build long-term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional service.

We treat all our customers with respect; integrating honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Our goal is to expand our offerings in the field of earthing services, while developing a strong base with our clients. In addition, we aim to increase the assets of the company to support the development of new services.

Education and training has always been an important facet of Earthing WA. We try our utmost to keep all our staff members up to date with the latest industry news and protocol. Our long-lasting employees, zero harm safety record and stocked portfolio with a strong client base are a testament to our strong work ethic and company ethos, which is based on respect and hard work.

We aim to grow Earthing WA to build a solid base of clients that acknowledge Earthing WA as one of the best, professional, reliable, cost-efficient drilling companies in Western Australia.

Projects are approached with professionalism and integrity, with all work backed by over 30 years of valuable industry experience. By delivering an efficient job costing timeline and keeping our clients well informed, we strive to maintain our successful reputation.

For more information on our drilling services, contact Earthing WA today.